Sunscreen- you gotta have it!

We learn from a young age that we need to wear sunscreen if we want to spend a lot of time in the sun, especially in Singapore. While most of us are pretty good at applying sunscreen if we’re going to the beach or a long walk in the sun, we can do better. 
Sun damage is the biggest cause of premature ageing and contribute to pigmentation and skin damage. Sunscreen should be a main stay in your skincare regime, whether you're going to be indoors or out!    
Now, I am sure there are many reasons why some of you are not incorporating sunscreen into your daily regime. Sunscreen has a reputation of being oily, thick and leaving a white tint on your face. We don't blame you, no one wants to go out looking like a long lost relative of Count Dracula.  

In fact, we faced all those issues too and that's why created a sunscreen that has been tried, tested and approved by us.

Everyday Moisturising Protective Sunspray  
Non-clogging, lightweight and does what it's made to do - protect your skin from sun damage. 
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