Combatting Myopia: Ice's Secret Unveils Miracle Secret Eye Mask for Singapore's Screen-Tired Eyes

Combatting Myopia: Ice's Secret Unveils Miracle Secret Eye Mask for Singapore's Screen-Tired Eyes

Singapore – 14 May 2024: Ice's Secret, a leading local skincare brand renowned for its holistic skincare solutions, proudly unveils its latest innovation – the Miracle Secret Eye Mask. As evolution's earliest masterpiece, our eyes have long been heralded as our primary sense, shaping our perception of the world. Today, in an era dominated by digital screens, preserving the vitality of our eyes has become more crucial than ever.
Meticulously crafted with a blend of natural ingredients and cutting-edge technology, this groundbreaking eye mask sets a new standard in personal eye care, addressing the unique challenges posed by urban living, particularly in Singapore, renowned as the Myopia Capital of the World.


Awaken Your Gaze with Miracle Secret Eye Mask: Rapid Recovery for Eye Fatigue


The Miracle Secret Eye Mask transcends conventional cosmetic skincare products; it signifies a paradigm shift towards prioritizing eye health and wellness. Tailored to combat the adverse effects of prolonged screen time and digital device usage, this transformative eye mask offers a comprehensive solution for individuals and families seeking relief from common eye discomforts.
"At Ice's Secret, our focus has always been on developing products tailored to the needs of people in Southeast Asia. With the advent of the pandemic, screen time has surged not only among adults but also among children," explains Quinn Chen, Managing Director at Ice's Secret. "With the Miracle Secret Eye Mask, we aim to advocate for and support not just beautiful, but also healthy eyes. We're addressing not only cosmetic concerns but also prioritizing the long-term health and vitality of our customers' eyes."



Key features and benefits of the Miracle Secret Eye Mask include:

- Immediate relief from fatigue and irritation, rejuvenating tired eyes.
- Targeted hydration and moisture-locking technology to combat dry eye syndrome.
- Reduction of puffiness and enhancement of skin elasticity for a refreshed appearance.
- Promotion of a brighter radiance and captivating gaze.
- Promotion of circulation to ease tension and tightness around the eyes.


Partnering for Impact with Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist, Dr Don Pek 


To underline the efficacy and significance of the Miracle Secret Eye Mask, Ice's Secret has partnered with Dr. Don Pek, a distinguished Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist at Lumin Eye Clinic, known for his expertise in refractive cataract surgery and anterior segment reconstruction. With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Pek is committed to delivering cost-effective eye care solutions, particularly to underprivileged populations.
"As an ophthalmologist, I've witnessed first hand the impact of environmental factors on eye health, especially in Southeast Asia. The prevalence of digital screen fatigue has surged, exacerbating eye discomfort," says Dr. Don Pek. "The Miracle Secret Eye Mask offers a much-needed reprieve for individuals experiencing eye discomfort in this region. I've personally tried it and found it to be both comfortable and relaxing. Simply using the mask and taking a break can alleviate symptoms of excessive screen time."



A Healthcare Awareness and Skincare Collaboration


At Ice's Secret's Miracle Secret Mask launch event, a fireside chat panel featuring Dr. Don Pek and Quinn was held. This time, the campaign emphasizes eye health and family bonding. Ice's Secret aims to continue its support for beauty and wellness care across all ages and stages of life. Dr. Pek also supports Ice's Secret's campaign for family bonding with their latest product. To combat myopia effectively, the entire family must be involved. Given that myopia now affects children at even younger ages, this cause has become increasingly critical. Quinn also shared her personal anecdote about her experience with myopia at a young age, underscoring the importance of preventive eye care.


Ice's Secret is committed to surpassing conventional skincare solutions and addressing the specific needs of consumers in Southeast Asia. The Miracle Secret Eye Mask is suitable for individuals aged 13 years and older and is designed for daily usage. It can be used between screen times, after lash extensions, or whenever eyes feel fatigued. The product will be available starting 16th May 2024, 10 PM on

Join the Movement: Rapid Recovery for Digital Eye Strain


To redeem a free box of Miracle Secret Eye Mask between 17th May - 30th May:
1) Take a screenshot of your average screen time and include a picture of the mask or campaign visual.
2) Tag and use the hashtag #RapidRecoveryforFatigueEyes.
3) Show proof of 24 hours visibility and redeem your free eye mask at Ice's Secret Store located at 7 Grange Road, Singapore 239694.
Please note: Limited to 1 box per person only.