Oligopeptides and polypeptides are subcategories of peptides that make up part of the body’s basic building blocks and consist of between 2 and 50 amino acid chains linked by peptide bonds.

While the larger polypeptides cannot be directly absorbed by the skin, the small molecules of Ice’s Secret oligopeptides head straight to the cellular level to increase the production of collagen—the most abundant protein in the skin and the main component of connective tissue in the body.

Our Formulation Philosophy

Committed to promoting the most visible signs of healthy, balanced skin, Ice’s Secret uses freeze-drying technology (lyophilisation)—a standard process in the pharmaceutical industry that stabilises, preserves the integrity of drug products and other biologicals and increases their shelf life—to produce the oligopeptide freeze-dried powder that goes into our basic and advanced serums.

Essentially a low-temperature dehydration process, lyophilisation freezes the oligopeptides, reducing their molecular weight while maintaining their efficacy. As it removes moisture, it also ups their potency. When brought to room temperature, the oligopeptide freeze-dried powder stays completely dry and retains freshness.

This provides sensitive-skinned people with a product that doesn’t trigger an inflammation response.

Molecular Size Matters

Oligopeptides, being smaller in molecular structure than polypeptides, easily penetrate the skin barrier, allowing for direct absorption into the deeper layers.

Collagen Stimulation

Studies show that oligopeptides in skincare cause an increase in proteins like collagen. Continued use plumps the skin and helps to improve and maintain the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as strengthens the skin barrier and its ability to self-repair.

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