Our Passion & Promise

The team behind Ice’s Secret are women who care about skincare and are experts in the field. All Ice’s Secret products were first hand tried and tested by the team before its birth. 

Haircare Made Simple

With over 30 years of reliable formulations, Dr Hair is here to provide you with simple hair & scalp solutions made for Asian weather.

Customers Love Our Scientifically Proven & Result-Backed Solutions.

Acne King Kit

I've been having skin problems since young. Tried many products but I didn't like their texture. I feel that Ice's Secret is really comfortable to use and my breakout isn't bad as before. Appreciate the 1-1 consultation! - Y.S

Eczema Serum

I want to comment on how amazing your products are. My eczema flares today on my lips and neck. I've used the eczema serum and Miracle Secret Mask, and my lip swelling has gone down quite a bit. The redness on my neck has also reduced! - D.S

Pore & Glow Mask

The pore & glow mask really helps with removing the stubborn blackheads on my nose! Without having to go out there to get an extraction!

Acne & Pore Serum

I saw the results on day 3/4 and I'm sold! Now I've decided to buy more products from Ice's Secret as you know I got 3 new orders!

Super Mask

The super mask really helps with reducing redness and pigmentation/ scars from acne! I can simply see the results in just 1 use! ☺️

Signature Cleansing Set

My skin was having small bumps and itching, and I use the milk cleanser and activating essence without using any serums it help to stop the itch and remove the bumps! 👍🏻

Results in 7 Days

We are on a mission to deliver safe and effective solutions with no downtime, empowering individuals to take control of their skin's health.

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Why Ice's Secret?

  • Results in 7 days

  • Made for humid climates

  • Suitable for all skin types

  • Safe for pregnancy

  • Multi-tasking ingredients

  • Combining plant extracts and science

  • No parabens & silicons

  • Non-drying formulas

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