Unveiling Radiance: Ice's Secret Launches the Oil-Free Refreshing Mask

Unveiling Radiance: Ice's Secret Launches the Oil-Free Refreshing Mask

Award winning & leading skin care solution brand, Ice's Secret, introduces the Oil-Free Refreshing Mask, a transformative journey inspired by the profound connection between water and life. This groundbreaking mask, rooted in the fundamental elements of hydration, sebum regulation, and pH balance, emerges as a solution to recalibrate and balance the skin. Oil-Free Refreshing Mask is designed for tangible results, this new product addresses common skin concerns, reflecting Ice’s Secret commitment to meeting real-life skincare needs in a fuss free and effectively manner. 
Perfecting Skin Texture, Transformation in 7 Days: 


Celebrated for its renowned 7-day results pledge, the Oil-Free Refreshing Mask commands the spotlight, assuring a refined texture within just 20 minutes and revealing the canvas of radiant skin in a mere 7 days. The culmination of enhanced skin clarity unfolds gracefully after a dedicated 28-day regimen. 
"Humidity frequently serves as the underlying factor for skin issues such as acne and the overproduction of sebum, resulting in enlarged pores and dullness by day's end." Co-founder Quinn Chen of Ice's Secret highlights these prevalent concerns and emphasizes the brand's commitment to addressing gaps in skincare with each product launch, ensuring meaningful solutions for users. 

Enhanced Skin Clarity and Radiance: A Climate-Adaptive Solution 


Tailored for diverse climates, the Oil-Free Refreshing Mask provides targeted hydration and nourishment, addressing prevalent concerns related to humidity, acne, blemish, and excessive sebum production. Developed through rigorous research and development, this mask underscores a commitment to effective climate-adaptive solutions. 


This innovative mask combines hyaluronic acid, plant extracts, and peptides in a meticulous blend designed to address the delicate balance of skin.  Its lightweight composition, not overly rich, makes it suitable for daily use. 


Lipid Support for Dry & Sensitive Skin in Humid Climates:  


Ice's Secret leads the way by introducing innovative lipid support for dry and sensitive skin in humid climates. Unlike conventional formulations relying on various oils, Ice's Secret acknowledges the impact of humidity and formulates accordingly; ceramides are incorporated, strategically ensuring an optimal moisture balance suitable for both youthful dry skin and aging skin. This advanced formulation effectively prevents excessive dryness without causing breakouts. It represents an expert response to the varied needs of different skin types, highlighting Ice's Secret's unwavering commitment to comprehending and addressing diverse skincare challenges. 


A lightweight, effective formulation paying homage to the demands of humid landscapes. It features the signature Oligopeptide Complex Serums, aligning with Ice's Secret's commitment to climate-adaptive solutions.


The Root Cause of Skin Troubles Starts from Lack of Moisture 


Achieving firm and elastic skin is directly linked to the essential aspects of skin hydration and a strong barrier system. Recognizing this connection, Ice's Secret designed the Oil-Free Refreshing Mask to play a crucial role in enhancing these elements. This mask not only boosts moisture levels but also reinforces the skin's natural barrier. A well-moisturised and fortified skin barrier lays the groundwork for improved elasticity, contributing to a visibly firmer and more resilient complexion. With each use, the mask offers a practical, non-invasive approach to the interplay of hydration and barrier support, providing users with the key to achieving supple, elastic, and radiant skin. 


Maximizing Skin Mattifying Radiance and Hydration 


Ice's Secret encourages daily use of the mask for seven days, aligning perfectly with the skin's 28-day renewal cycle. Designed to effortlessly integrate into existing routines, the acid-free, non-sticky formula suits humid climates, complementing any skincare regimen. For troubled skin, a minimum of one 7-day cycle is recommended, followed by alternate masking for the next 14 days. Maintenance involves using one box per month, ensuring continual skin well-being. 



End Your Skincare Search — your source of beauty lies in Oil Free Refreshing Mask. Encased in sleek test tubes, the Oil-Free Refreshing Mask stands as a testament to Ice’s Secret meticulous skincare formulation. Ice's Secret promises a revolutionary experience 7 days transformation, harnessing the expertise required to thrive in humid climates.  


Experience it today:   


1 box of 7 facial mask sheets, $198. Sold on to be lived at 25 Jan 2024 at 10.30 PM.  


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About Ice's Secret: 


Ice's Secret, a leading skincare brand, is on a mission to deliver safe and effective solutions, empowering individuals to take control of their skin's health.  


With over 20 years of experience, our dedicated team has served over a million individuals in Singapore, delivering visible results in just 7 days. As a multiple-categories winner recognized by Beauty Insider and Daily Vanity, Ice's Secret continues to transform the beauty industry — one radiant face at a time, where precision meets passion. 


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