how to remove acne scars on sensitive skin

How To Remove Acne Scars On Sensitive Skin

How To Remove Acne Scars On Sensitive Skin

Having acne is frustrating enough and all the more when it leaves behind scars. On top of that, those with sensitive skin may even have a hard time finding a natural and non-inflammatory skincare treatment. Thankfully, innovative, modern, non-invasive methods can uplift your skin and make these issues a thing of the past.

Ice's Secret in Singapore is pretty much a one-stop shop for skin essentials in Singapore. They have a dedicated research and development team that understands the unique concerns of every skin type to provide a customized approach to skincare. Rest assured, everything is tried and tested with proven visible results in as little as 7 days. Plus, it is specially formulated for the humid weather in South East Asia.

To help you imagine the potential of Ice's Secret products as a gentle acne scar treatment for sensitive skin, we've noted down some recommendations and tips from acclaimed skincare experts. But before we can delve into the nitty-gritty details, you must first know what kind of acne scars you have to treat them accordingly and be proactive about preventing active breakouts.

Types of acne scars

  • Pitted Acne Scars
  • Atrophic or pitted acne scars are those that have sunk below the surface of the skin. These can be classified as an ice pick, rolling, or boxcar scars and are formed due to a lack of collagen when the wound is healing.

    • Rolling scars are the most common. These are characterized by shallow and extensive scars with sloping edges that bring about a wavy texture in the skin.
    • Ice pick scars can be the hardest to treat. They may appear as small and round narrow holes but can be deceivingly 2mm deep into the skin.
    • Boxcar scars are wide and U-shaped with sharp edges that can be shallow (up to 0.5mm) or deep. 

  • Hypertrophic and Keloidal Acne Scars
  • Hypertrophic and keloidal acne scars stand above the skin’s surface and usually become apparent on the chest or back. These raised scars are caused by the overstimulation of collagen. The difference between the two is that keloids are usually more prominent as they can extend past the area of the wound.

  • Pigmentation
  • Pigmentation is acne marks that come as a result of inflammation. Red spots occur as an intense reaction wherein the skin increases blood flow to repair the inflamed area with a surge of white blood cells. On the other hand, brown spots happen when the inflammation causes the excess production of melanin.

    Recommendations for acne scar removal on sensitive skin

    Having sensitive skin means being prone to redness, itchiness, sunburn, and breakouts. Understandably, it may seem overwhelming to find the right balance of products that can treat and prevent acne scars without triggering a bad reaction. Your best chance at overcoming this concern is through a customized skincare routine that can effectively but gently cleanse and rebalance your skin. 

    Below are the basic skincare steps that you’d need to include in your routine:

    1. Rid your face of impurities with a mild cleanser every morning and night.

    You’ll know it’s mild when it’s  free from harsh chemicals, parabens, and silicons. Ice’s Secret Oligopeptide Milk Cleanser is exactly that and more with high-performing ingredients to clean, refresh, and brighten the skin. 

    You can count on the Oligopeptide Milk Cleanser to remove excess oil or sebum, makeup, and dead skin cells while retaining your skin’s natural and essential oils. It even reduces the occurrence of clogged pores that may lead to whiteheads or blackheads. Besides being a non-drying formula, it keeps your skin hydrated with hyaluronic acid and moist with honey extract. And, of course, you will not be missing out on Oligopeptide-1 which helps fade blemishes by promoting cell growth to repair damaged skin and collagen fibers.

  • Rebalance your skin’s pH levels with a calming toner twice a day
  • Toners are essential in boosting the effects of your skincare products. Those that do not contain astringents and fragrances are most suitable for sensitive skin.

    Ice’s Secret Oligopeptide Activating Essense is a gentle scent-free toner that feels like water on the skin. It is formulated with Oligopeptide-1 to repair cells and regulate collagen, and Apple extract to protect it from free radicals. It shrinks pores, increases elasticity and radiance, improves texture, and makes skin ready for masks and serums.


  • Keep your skin supple with lightweight serums
  • Serums are recommended for sensitive skin because it is less likely to aggravate the skin. It is also more capable of penetrating deep into the skin since it is not as thick as creamy or oily moisturizers.

    • Brighten & Repair Oligopeptide Complex Serum targets acne, acne scars, dryness, dullness, and uneven skin tone with a combination of oligopeptides. It contains oligopeptide freeze-dried powder to stabilize and naturally extend its shelf life, oligopeptide-2 to plump and stimulate collagen production, and oligopeptide-3 to support tissue repair. It brightens, moisturizes, and smoothens the skin as it diminishes blemishes and safeguards it from external stressors.

    • Pitted Scars Oligopeptide Complex Serum is a spot treatment intended to be applied at night and concentrated on the damaged area of the skin. It is an advanced formula of oligopeptides intended to rebuild weakened skin due to deep breakouts. It also has oligopeptide freeze-dried powder to preserve the efficacy of the solution and oligopeptide-3 to repair basal fibroblasts. Additionally, it contains oligopeptide-5 to promote wound healing and enhance the skin’s barrier, and oligopeptide-6 to minimize enlarged pores and even out bumpy skin.

    To make things simpler and to help you get the most value for money, Ice’s Secret has skincare kits that include a unique combination of serums for every skin concern. Also, keep in mind that these serums are best kept refrigerated in between uses.

  • Protect your skin from harmful UV
  • Nowadays, we don’t just need to shield our skin from the sun’s harmful rays but also from blue light emitted by our devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. All of which can cause pigmentation and dullness in the skin.

    Ice’s Secret offers two non-sticky products that can defend your skin from harsh UV and double as a makeup primer. Both provide UVA and UVB protection to fortify your skin against premature signs of aging as well as skin cancer.

    • Miracle Secret UV Shield Primer & Sunscreen offers SPF 40 and a pore-less effect for your face. You can use it as a primer for makeup or alone to achieve that dewy glass-skin look. It also serves as a waterproof sunblock.

  • Up your skincare game with hydrating masks 2 to 3 times a week.
  • Aside from the obvious effects of hydration and moisturization, facial masks also help refine and unclog pores. It pulls away excess oil and dirt to prevent breakouts as much as it can enhance skin texture and elasticity. Moreover, it can reduce the appearance of blemishes such as dark spots and scars as well as wrinkles and fine lines. 

    Ice’s Secret has got you covered with a wide range of masks for the face and the eyes.

    Professional treatments:

    For acne scars that are either too deep or raised to be treated at home, seeking professional or clinical treatments may be your best recourse to resurface your skin.

    Dermabrasion is an exfoliating facial recommended for those with boxcars or rolling scars. It uses a rotating instrument to remove the top layers of the skin to uncover new skin. You may need to avail yourself of this procedure more than once to achieve its full effect. On the plus side, there is no downtime.

    Chemical peels are solutions used to treat deep scars, uneven skin tone, and age spots. It uses an acidic mixture to strip old skin cells from your face to stimulate the production of new ones. Redness and peeling may be experienced 3 to 7 days after your treatment.

    Laser resurfacing also involves removing the outermost layer of the skin to contour and lighten areas of healed acne scars. Note that this procedure is not recommended for those with active breakouts and dark skin tones

    Fillers are injected under the surface of your skin to plump up and smoothen pitted acne scars. Depending on your scar, it is your healthcare professional’s discretion to decide which filler is best for you, be it collagen, your own fat, or other medical-grade commercial substance. 

    Microneedling involves a handheld manual needle-studded roller or automatic pen to repeatedly prick the skin and induce the growth of collagen.

    Injections are primarily intended for raised scars. It usually takes more than a few injections to soften and flatten either hypertrophic or keloidal scars.

    Tips to prevent acne scars

    Follow these dos and don’ts to prevent acne and future breakouts.

    1. Do maintain proper skin hygiene
    • Cleanse and moisturize your face daily.
    • Gently massage skincare instead of rubbing.
    • Avoid touching your face as much as possible
    • Keep hair away from your face
    1. Don’t pop pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads
    2. Do use non-comedogenic products and avoid heavy ointments that can clog pores.
    3. Don’t sleep with your makeup on or without washing your face
    4. Do keep your skin hydrated
    • Apply serums and masks
    • Drink lots of water and add fruits into your diet
    • Limit your intake of sugary food and beverages

    Ice’s Secret prides itself as an award-winning skincare provider in Singapore with gentle solutions for every skin type and concern including those coping with acne scars on sensitive skin. Moreover, they offer personalized consultations to guide you in your skincare journey and have special bundle kits with all the essential products to start your skincare routine. With real results from plenty of satisfied customers, you can trust the efficacy and safety of Ice’s Secret skincare even for pregnant women.