Breaking Barriers: Ice's Secret Shines a Spotlight on Women's Strength and Resilience

Breaking Barriers: Ice's Secret Shines a Spotlight on Women's Strength and Resilience

Ice's Secret Shines a Spotlight on Women's Strength and Resilience

At Ice's Secret, we are dedicated to supporting women on their journey to feeling confident and beautiful inside and out, is excited to announce the release of a video documentary series in celebration of International Women's Day. The series will feature six remarkable women who have faced incredible challenges and overcome them with resilience, empowerment, and strength.


The series was released in two arcs, March and April, and will showcase the stories of three users of Ice's Secret and three successful entrepreneurs. Each of these women will share their experiences of overcoming challenges and finding true empowerment in their personal and professional lives.




Rachel Kwan, 30, is a strong individual who faced extreme weight fluctuations, severe acne and eczema skin, and failure in IVF at a young age. She will share how she coped with these challenges and found resilience and strength within herself.


Diana Chua, 35, is an inspiring mother of kids with PCOS condition and hormonal acne, and she will share how it affects her confidence and how she overcomes it with resilience.


Aqilah, 22, a young lady going through the stages of growing up from a student to society, will share how she copes with the new challenges that come with this journey and how she finds her own sense of empowerment. 


Quinn, the 25-year-old Managing Director and co-founder of Ice's Secret, has an inspiring story to share. She co-founded the online brand in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic while still in school, and within the first year, it has amassed over 60k social media followers and millions of dollars in revenue. Not content with just one success, furthering this success, Quinn also co-founded another brand, Dr. Hair by Ice's Secret, in 2021. Despite her young age, Quinn leads her team with tenacity and hosts a weekly livestream that features real customers, users, and even popular personalities like Jamie Chua and Vivian Lai. She is an inspiration to young adults and a shining example of what can be achieved with hard work, talent, and dedication. 


Gwendolyn Toh, a former air stewardess with Singapore Airlines, teamed up with two partners to establish DR. LASH, a chain lash store, that prioritizes the health of their customers' natural lashes. DR. LASH has grown to include four outlets across Singapore, with plans for further expansion in 2023. Whilst managing the business, Gwen even welcomed a beautiful daughter. She juggles between her family and career well; an inspiration to anyone looking to turn their passion into a successful business.


Ice's Secret believes in uplifting and inspiring women to be the best versions of themselves. The video documentary series is a celebration of the incredible strength and resilience of women everywhere, and the brand hopes to inspire and empower women to overcome challenges and find true success and confidence in their personal and professional lives.

Ice's Secret's video documentary series will be released on International Women's Day and will be available for viewing on the brand's website and social media channels. Join Ice's Secret in celebrating the strength and resilience of women everywhere.