Ice's Secret


An accumulation of experience for over 20 years, Ice’s Secret was founded by a strong team of professionals to end your skincare search; Formulating products that is truly effective and suitable for every individual’s skin.

With a strong research & development team and real hands-on experience with clients, the team at Ice’s Secret has a strong foundation and knowledge of skincare to provide visible results for all skin problems in just 7 days.

Our Journey

Dato Icemichelle entered the beauty industry in 1999, driven by a vision to address the absence of products suitable for the region's unique conditions and the specific concerns of the population, including sensitivity and acne-prone skin. Southeast Asia's unrelenting humidity only exacerbated these challenges, resulting in skin issues like bacterial growth and clogged pores.

Story behind our logo

Our branding represents our commitment to help individuals find confident in themselves through glowing skincare.

Ice's Secret Logo

The Ice's Secret logo brilliantly embodies this vision. It features a hand designed to resemble a life-giving droplet, symbolizing its ability to nourish and rejuvenate. Just as water sustains and revitalizes nature, Ice's Secret's products aim to breathe life back into individuals seeking to improve their skin.

The droplet in the logo represents more than just freshness; it signifies the essence of renewal and transformation. It embodies the lightweight and effective skincare solutions that Ice's Secret strives to provide. This logo beautifully blends the nurturing embrace of nature with cutting-edge skincare science, underlining the company's promise to offer products that cater to the specific needs of Southeast Asian skin. It underscores Ice's Secret's unwavering commitment to helping individuals regain their natural beauty, confidence, and vitality, even in the face of challenging climatic conditions.

Ice's Secret Logo

In the year 2020, Ice's Secret embarked on a significant rebranding journey, a transformation that heralded a modern identity while preserving the core values that have always defined the brand.

The brand recognized the enduring significance of the droplet, which had become synonymous with its innovative skincare solutions. It symbolized freshness, vitality, and the promise of radiant skin that Ice's Secret continues to uphold. The crosshair and droplet symbol encapsulates the brand's unwavering commitment to delivering fast and effective results. It represents Ice's Secret's precision in targeting and addressing the root causes of various skin concerns, symbolizing the brand's mission to provide solutions that are accurate and transformative.

Approach to Skin

At Ice’s Secret, we approach skin concerns differently from the mass market; we work on achieving a balanced pH, hydration and sebum production to repair skin cells & build a healthy functioning skin that can metabolise and unclog itself.

We allow your skin regime to be comfortable, safe and most effective with no downtime.

Ice’s Secret targets acne, sensitive, scars, pigmentation and ageing skin.

Our Values & Principles

 Ice’s Secret Skin Care products are tailored for the Singapore weather (and Asia) and are absolutely fuss free.

We know with a fast-paced urban lifestyle, a daily skincare routine needs to be easy, effective and lasting in results. Ice's Secret provides with a series of fuss-free products that will leave you wanting more.


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