Calm aggravated skin in 3 simple steps

Sensitive skin may well be one of the trickier skin concerns to deal with. With a weakened skin barrier, the skin is more volatile and easily susceptible to both internal and external triggers.  

Our sensitive slayer kit has been a go-to for many from the #icesecretclub with skin sensitivity and our products are formulated with those in mind too.    
A tip from Rachel? The Miracle Skin makeup is a must as it does not dry the skin and clog pores and actually helps to treat skin.  

Highlights of Rachel's regime:

Sensitive Advanced Serum
A must-have for sensitive skin, Sensitive Advanced soothes irritation and inflammation while alleviating itch and redness. Those with sensitive skin - keep this as a staple in your regime!

Super Mask
Super Mask contains Alpine Rose which rejuvenates the deep layers of the skin, and Portululaca Oleracea extract which helps to heal wounds and calm irritated skin. Particularly good for eczema as well!

Miracle Secret Mask 
THE SOS mask you need. Immediately soothes and repairs troubled skin and reduces redness and inflammation.

Hear from Rachel herself here.