Ice's Secret Oligopeptide Skincare

Effective, safe and fuss-free? Oligopeptides in skincare has been a new found discovery in providing an all-in-one benefit to our skin. It not only functions as a booster for our collagen production but also helps improve our skin cell's metabolism to create a stronger skin barrier. 

But first things first, what exactly are these Oligopeptides?

Before we jump onto the bandwagon of wanting to incorporate oligopeptides in our skin care regime, we should first understand what it can do for our skin. 

Ice's Secret Oligopeptide Blog Post

To put it simply, oligopeptides are essentially subsets of peptides. Peptides are the building blocks that make up the majority protein of our skin. It works as a cell-to-cell communicator on the cellular level to kickstart collagen production. With oligopeptides, it consist of efficient repairing properties that can signal the skin to repair itself, triggering collagen stimulation. As they are much smaller in molecules, it can also penetrate deeper into our skin's barrier allowing better absorption within the skin. 

Then your next question would be how can Ice's Secret Oligopeptides benefit my skin? 

Ice's Secret Oligopeptide Complex Serums

Well, Ice's Secret uses a variety of oligopeptides from 1 up to 7. The different chains of oligopeptides are designed for specific skin concerns that you might have - from inflamed skin to sensitive or even pigmented skin. Our main goal is to help you resolve your skin problems while building up a stronger skin barrier system that can ultimately balance your skin's hydration level, pH levels and sebum production.  All of which are achievable via three simple steps - Oligopeptide Milk Cleanser, Oligopeptide Activating Essence and Oligopeptide Complex Serums. 

With continuous usage of Oligopeptides in your skincare regime, you can definitely achieve brighter and clearer skin! 

Sounds a little too good to be true? It is true! 

For us, we are able to achieve such effective results mainly because of our Freeze-dried technology. With this, we are able to freeze-dry and de-dry drugs into solids at a natural environment of sterility testing. This helps us to ensure the "original ecology" of raw materials in a pharmaceutical-grade way! 

Yes, we know, you must be wondering how we manage to ensure the "original ecology" of our raw materials? 

With Freeze-dried technology as stated, we are able to refrigerated the specific ingredients in a natural environment at -196 degrees to ensure that it is in its purest and freshest state. After which, we dry it under the standard vacuum pump sterility test until becomes solidified and anhydrous. This whole process helps us to maintain our product freshness and be preserved for a long period of time, without adding any for of additives. 

Therefore we always encourage consistent use of oligopeptides into your skin care regime as it can create a huge impact to your skin. With Ice's Secret Oligopeptides, you can expect an effective, safe and fuss-free skincare regime that only requires 3 simple steps leaving your skin feeling supple and youthful within 14 days.