Male & Female Hair Loss

Male & Female Hair Loss

Are you suffering from hair loss?

The hair follicle is actually a mini-organ with its own biological clock that, when out of balance or attacked in any way, can disrupt hair production. The follicle is nourished by the blood vessels and, when they’re clogged or when circulation is compromised in any way, hair won’t be able to grow.  
Hair growth is a chemical process governed by hormones and the rate of cell division. People with a genetic predisposition for hair loss simply experience hormonal changes that trigger a shorter Anagen phase resulting in shorter, thinner hair. The Anagen stage will continue to shorten over time; this is why we lose our hair gradually and often over many years.    
Proper nutrition is important in maintaining hair health but sometimes this won’t be enough. For this reason, hair restoration treatments are most effective when the follicles are in early stages of hair loss and alive.  

How to identify hair loss:




How to treat your

Hair Loss?



Alternate between these shampoos and conditioners: 
To protect the scalp & promote hair growth: 01 Everyday Scalp & Volume Cleanser Shampoo
To deep cleanse the scalp: 03 Purifying & Scalp Detox Shampoo

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