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Ice's Secret

(NEW: 30+6 BOWLS) Premium Bird's Nest Porridge

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1. For the Health Conscious:
Health and Wellness, Endless Vitality: Bird's Nest Oat Porridge

2. For Those Buying for the Family's Health:
Family Wellness, One Bowl of Oat and Bird's Nest Love

3. For the Beauty Conscious:
Natural Beauty, Inspired by Bird's Nest and Oat Nutrition

4. For Those Who Love Convenience:
Convenience and Flavor, Enjoy Bird's Nest and Oat Anytime

5. For Those Who Love Good Food:
Savor the Culinary Delight, Seek the Ultimate Bird's Nest Oat

What it does

Ice's Secret Premium Bird Nest Porridge is a delectable blend of high fiber oats and the finest bird's nest, meticulously crafted for health-conscious individuals seeking timeless beauty and holistic well-being. With a low calorie count of only 55 calories per 100g and a generous 600mg of bird's nest, this preservative-free porridge is a nourishing treat for the entire family.


Best Consumed within 12 months

1. Ready for immediate consumption by removing lid.
2. Consume as cooling dessert by placing in refrigerator.
3. Heat up in hot water bath for warm consumption.

Allergen Notice: This product may contain beans or traces of allergenic substances. If you have allergies or dietary restrictions, please check the ingredients carefully and consult a healthcare professional or the manufacturer before consumption.

In case of leakage, do not consume the product and contact customer service.


Purified Water, Bean, Rock Sugar, Oats, Instant bean extract, Wild Yam, Lily, White fungus, Bird's nest

Solid Content: Not less than 60%
Net Weight: 252g

    (NEW: 30+6 BOWLS) Premium Bird&
    (NEW: 30+6 BOWLS) Premium Bird&
    (NEW: 30+6 BOWLS) Premium Bird&
    (NEW: 30+6 BOWLS) Premium Bird&
    (NEW: 30+6 BOWLS) Premium Bird&
    (NEW: 30+6 BOWLS) Premium Bird&
    (NEW: 30+6 BOWLS) Premium Bird&